Submersible Large Volume Pumps

Product Code: KL

KL Type Large Volume Dewatering Pump

Power: 7.5HP, 10HP, 15HP and 20 HP
Motor: 4 Poles
Superior Aluminum Bronze Impeller for Seawater or Brine Use

Superior Aluminum Bronze Impeller for Seawater or Brine Use


  • Turbo Jet-Like impeller designed to improve extra-output water volume with almost no vibration and noise.
  • 3D-design Impeller adopts ALBC3 (Aluminum Bronze) which has superior wear-resistant and anti-corrosion capability while working in the seawater or brine.
  • Motor headcover, upper bracket, motor lower cover and suction cover use BC6 material to endure the erosion of seawater.
  • The unique EPOXY cable sealing base prevents the motor against water penetration.
  • Double Mechanical Seal and separate Sand-Proof Trap or Oil Seal.
  • An optional sacrificial anode is upon request. In seawater or brine, adding sacrificial anodes will prevent the surface of the pump from corroding.


# It is applicable to agricultural, industrial use, as well as in standing water and large volume water pumping.
# Widely used in aquaculture farms.
# Extraction of water from the ponds, rivers, and lakes.
# Flood control and drainage system for industry
# Water supply for fountains and water features.
# Water discharge work for ships

Specification 50 Hz

Submersible Large Volume Pumps

Submersible Large Volume Pumps

Turbo jet-like impeller designed to improve extra-output water volume. Easy Operating, no need of equipped devices, result in this less-maintenance, noise and vibration free pump. Rigid body, by using the special fined bronze and stainless steel, this will rise the pump the ability of water delivering life.